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Daikin Air Conditioning - VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)

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The VRV system is available in inverter driven cooling only, heat pump and heat recovery format, each designed to provide efficient and flexible comfort cooling and/or heating in a wide range of public and private commercial premises.

VRV Inverter cooling only / heat pump series for either cooling or heating An environmental friendly, energy saving series with high COP levels and flexible design characteristics. VRV links up to 16 indoor units.

VRV plus inverter heat pump series for either cooling or heating. The system links up to 32 smart, stylish indoor units with a single outdoor unit, enabling either cooling or heating to be supplied from the same refrigeration circuit.

VRV heat recovery series for simultaneous cooling and heating The system combines up to 32 indoor units and one outdoor unit, with remarkable savings in energy consumption. Heat recovery is achieved by diverting exhaust heat from indoor units in cooling mode to those areas requiring heating.

An electronic expansion valve continually adjusts the flow of refrigerant to respond to the load requirements of the indoor units, enabling the system to maintain temperature at a virtually constant and comfortable level without the fluctuations typical of ON/OFF control systems.

The ability to control each conditioned zone keeps VRV system running cost to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, only those areas calling for air conditioning need to be cooled or heated and the system cab be shut down completely in unoccupied rooms.

Modular design enables Daiken VRV outdoor units to be joined together in rows with an outstanding degree of uniformity. The design of the outdoor units (5-10HP) is sufficiently compact to allow them to be taken up to the top of a building in a commercial elevator, overcoming site transportation problems.

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