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Daikin Air Conditioning - VRV II Technology

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Reluctance Brushless DC Compressor

The reluctance brushless DC motor provides significant increases in efficiency compared to conventional AC inverter motors, simultaneously using 2 different forms of torque (normal) and reluctance torque) to produce extra power from small electric motors.

The motor comprises powerful neodymium magnets, that create the reluctance torque. These magnets are approximately 12 times stronger than ferrite magnets and make a major contribution to its energy saving characteristics.

Secret to raising energy-efficiency! Powerful neodymium magnets.

Sine Wave DC Inverter

Optimizing the sine wave curve, results in smoother motor rotation and improved motor efficiency.

DC Fan Motor

The use of a DC fan motor offers substantial improvements in operating efficiency compared to conventional AC motors, especially during low speed rotation

Aero Fitting Grill & Spiral Fan

These new features achieve a low noise fan with a large airflow, and realize a compact casing together with the compressor linking technology.

E-Bridge Circuit

Prevents accumulation of liquid refrigerant in the condenser. This results in more efficient use of the condenser surface under any circumstances and leads in turn to better energy efficiency.

An increase in evaporative capacity systems from the newly developed refrigeration circuit, known as the Sce-bridge circuit, which adds super cooling prior to the expansion cycle. By adopting this circuit, the COPs in both cooling and heating have been drastically improved.

E-Pass Heat Exchanger

Optimization of the path layout of the heat exchanger prevents heat transferring from the overheated gas section towards the sub cooled liquid - a more efficient use of the heat exchanger.

I-Demand Function

The newly introduced current sensor minimizes the difference between the actual power consumption and the predefined power consumption.

Compact Aero Box

Lower noise and savings in input power are achieved by stacking the inverter and control PCBs within a new and more compact 'aero' box.

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